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Just planting trees & saving forests

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432 trees planted

32 trees saved

400 t

Paper saved

421 t

Water saved

400 t

CO2 offsetted

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Ways to save our nature

Ask price quotes

We must say, this is the easiest way. Just ask print price from Pagerr

1 tree planted

If your referal asks price quote, we will plant a tree

Place print order online

Instead of emails or old school ways, order printing online

Paper saved

Save paper, from invoices, paper slips, order notes and more if you print on ECO paper

Order with Pagerr Select

Instead of asking prices, get already amazing price and order from Pagerr

2 trees planted

We will plant 2 trees with each Pagerr Select order made

Print on leftover paper

Choose our ECO printing companies

A lot of trees saved

We will use leftover paper, so we don't need to manufacture new paper for you

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