Ambitious goal
to change printing

Our team is talented and has the ambition to change the way, how printing houses work today. Our environmental way of printing saves money and turns waste and unused potential into paying customers. We will optimize every piece of paper coming out from the printing house to achieve 0% waste and 100% efficiency.

Meet our talented team


Rudolf-Gustav Hanni

Founder CEO

Rudolf started his publishing house at the age of 14. He has 8 years experience in the printing sector and the digital marketing field. He has build with his team several online platforms and stores to trade with services, food products and many more.


Elo Johanna Kuklane


Elo has outstanding experience in digital marketing and creating meaningful content for the users. She has worked for several brands from startups to retail. She is also a designer and knows what is the right message for the right audience.


Toivo Hanni


Toivo is a full stack developer, who has built several e-commerce solutions and marketplaces from the financial sector to retail and B2B businesses. His only focus is the best customer experience throughout the system.


Kevin Kalle Kell


Kevin has been working in B2B sales sector for several years creating meaningful gifts and calendars for the businesses and knows, how the sales between companies work and what are the pain points to solve there.

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Anette Madžiņa

Sales of Eastern Europe markets

Carsten Boock

Sales of the Central European Markets